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Yoga Sessions

The Yoga Sessions available are aimed at groups of 1-3 individuals and involve Hatha Yoga which is a general Yoga Class and is suitable for beginnners and advanced pupils who can be taught at the same time during the class.  The duration of the class is generally one hour and consists of breathing techniques, warm ups, limber poses and then into a balance of postures both seated and standing.  Forward, backward bending with counter postures, balances, spinal twists and inverted postures health checks permitting.  Where a posture is not suitable for an individual an alternative pose will be suggested.  The student works within the limitations of their bodies once the health checks have been made either verbally (or a written questionaire if you require to be completed.)  The yoga class can be done with/or without music again to the students request.  The introduction of breathing, light Yoga and a Mediatation session during the class can be personalised to help students who need stress relief or who find it difficult to relax/sleep.  The aim of the sessions are to provide a tailored program for anyone who perhaps can't make it to a regular yoga class, or who would feel intimidated in a large group or who have specific fitness or health needs or goals and need specific guidance.  You may want to book a Yoga session regularly, like an personalised class, or you may want some specific guidance to get you started and then join a larger group or practice your routines at home.


Our Yoga Teacher is Julie Gator and she has had the pleasure of teaching Yoga for the last Ten Years and has experience in various Health Clubs including; Esporta festival Park, Total Fitness Trent Vale and Crewe, Fitness First Fenton, Northwood Stadium, Cheadle Leisure Centre, Doctors Surgeries and adding to the list currently Beauty Salons.  Julie has also covered other Yoga Instructors Classes all over Staffordshire.



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