Miro Rak BSc. (Hons.) Homeopathy


I graduated from the Military Medical Academy in St. Petersburg, Russia. I have been treating patients with a variety of conditions for over 25 years. The story of my involvement in homeopathy is usual for medical doctors. I am a converted sceptic after receiving successful treatment of my long lasting suffering using homeopathy. Never before, had I experienced such an astonishingly rapid effect of any medicine.

After that I started a regular study of homeopathy and eventually graduated from the Centre for Homeopathic Education, London. My medical background and experience which is relevant and substantial helps in understanding and maintaining of integrated approach to my client’s problems.

I offer my service to Russian speaking patients who may struggle to express themselves in English.

My area of interest currently is homeopathic approach to fundamentally male disorders such as benign prostate hyperplasia (benign enlargement of the prostate), male menopause or common complaints such as insomnia, lumbago (lower back pain), migraine, alcoholic liver disease, hypertension (high blood pressure) etc.

As a qualified Homeopathic practitioner I am happy to join King Street Chiropractic and Natural Health Centre, Newcastle.

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