Alice Critchlow HDipCT (VTCT) IIHHT

Complementary Therapist

Swedish Massage

Alice studied clinical body massage whilst at the University of Greenwich and is also trained in Indian Head Massage. In 2007, she qualified as a Usui Reiki Master. She now has over 15 years experience of providing a range of therapies. Reiki is a holistic energy therapy. It’s a non-invasive technique which can be experienced as a flow of energy through the practitioner into the client.


Clients report differing sensations, including warmth, coolness, tingling, vibrations, and a deep sense of relaxation. Rather than being inherently healing, I believe that Reiki promotes a relaxed, secure, and positive state, which ultimately benefits the client’s wellbeing. Indian Head Massage is a relaxing massage that focuses on the back, neck, head, and face. It helps to reduce stress and muscle tension. Indian Head Massage can benefit people who are experiencing neck ache, headaches, and anxiety.


Body Massage is the manipulation through touch of skin and muscles. Treatments can be gentle or firmer, depending on the purpose of treatment and the requirements of the client. It is used to alleviate stress and relaxation and to reduce muscle tension. It can also help with anxiety, headaches, muscle injuries and strains, and back pain.


Alice will tailor your treatments to meet your needs and preferences. She offers full body massage, back massage, clinical massage, and relaxation massage. Clinical massage involves working with deeper tissues to alleviate muscle tension and pain.


Relaxation massage is quite gentle, involving more superficial work to promote a sense of calm and relaxation. Full Body Massages and Indian Head Massages last about one hour; Back Massages are half an hour.


Reiki treatments can be either half an hour or an hour or can be provided during massages. Almost anyone can benefit from the above treatments, but please contact Alice if you would like to discuss any concerns you have regarding the safety of a treatment in relation to your condition. Alice is registered with the UK Reiki Federation and is fully insured.

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