Danielle Jackson

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Danielle began her chiropractic journey after experiencing a road traffic collision at the age of 19. At that age Danielle wasn’t aware of healthcare in the manor of “looking after your body for it to look after you” and didn’t see nutrition, exercise or wellbeing as important topics. Danielle’s injuries were thankfully minor, however she couldn’t perform normal acts of daily living such as walking for more than 5 minutes or even her job throughly. Danielle sought help from a McTimoney Chiropractor who supported her on her road to recovery and after the first session Danielle was able to walk for 20 minutes with ease, squat and tie her shoelaces. This then inspired Danielle to focus on health, well-being and aiding others like her and therefore she began her journey in science and physiology which lead her to study the 5 year masters degree in chiropractic at the McTimoney college of Chiropractic. Danielle is our newest graduate and she would like to welcome you all to start your own road to recovery and to show you how great chiropractic care is.

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