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History of Aromatherapy


The history of Aromatherapy dates back many years as ancient people all around the world used herbs, flowers and resins for cosmetic as well as spiritual reasons.


There are many records of aromatherapy use from countries such as Persia, China, Rome and Egypt. There are records that suggest it goes back as far as 4500BC.


The oil Rose was first distilled in 1000AD in Arabia. Later around the 12th century the crusaders introduced perfumery to Europe. Around the 15th century was when oils were used to ward of disease and body odour. It was then in the 17th century that it was recognised that the herbs has healing benefits and a book was produced cullpepper’s complete guide: a book of natural remedies of ancient ills.


Later around the 19th century the perfume industry started making more synthetic fragrances which lost sight of the benefits of aromatherapy


In the 1920 the healing ability of lavender was again supported when as chemist burned his hand on a bunson burner and plunged his hand into a vat of lavender oil. He was later surprised at how little scarring he had. This scientists name was Rene- Maurice Gattefosse. He then went on to write an article which he coined the term aromatherapy this was the first time it was used.


A popular aromatherapy reference book that is used still today called Aromatherapie was put together in 1964 when aromatherapy was used to treat battle wounds in the world war II. This book was created by Dr Jean Valnet.


Marguerite Maury used aromatherapy with health and beauty care and was the first person to use it for massage.


Now it the 21st century  the benefits of aromatherapy are widely known. The oils are used holistically for body and mind.




What happens during a treatment?


Within the consultation it is determined which blend of oils will be suitable for the client. A blend of essential oils are then mixed with carrier oil.

Massage is done on the legs, feet, stomach, arms, face and shoulders. Then the backs of the legs are worked on and the back. Towels are used to ensure the clients modesty.

It is recommended that the oils are left on for as long as possible to gain the maximum benefits.



What can aromatherapy help with?


Aromatherapy can be used to benefit many different problems and these include: aches and pains, stress, depression, anxiety, lymphatic drainage, insomnia, tension headaches, high blood pressure, cellulite, constipation and bad circulation.



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