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Your First Appointment - What to expect

Visiting a new health practitioner can be a daunting experience, particularly if the form of treatment is new to you.  So here's a little bit of what to expect from your first appointment.


Your first appointment will be 1 to 1 1/2  hours in length.  Your Chiropractor will start by taking a full medical history from you and discuss with you the reason for your seeking Chiropractic care.  She will discuss with you matters relating to your lifestyle including your diet, working habits, pressures and stresses, physical activities that you undertake, etc. and she will explain the nature of Chiropractic to you.


You may then be asked to remove your clothing down to your undergarments (but only if this is necessary for proper examination and, if so, will can be provided with a gown to wear if you want it).  She will then conduct an appropriate physical examination of your musculoskeletal system in order to determine where any imbalances may be causing you physical discomfort and to diagnose your problem.  Your Chiropractor may recommend further tests, such as x-rays or blood screening if the initial examination is inconclusive, in which case she will refer you to your GP to arrange for these.


Your Chiropractor's findings and any course of treatment recommended will be explained to you in plain, simple English and your Chiropractor will be sure to address any questions or concerns that you may have, then and there.


If no further tests are required then treatment, if appropraite, may start in your first session.  Your Chiropractor will also run through with you any exercises that we recommend you do at home to cement the treatment you receive at the centre, as well as any other aftercare or lifestyle advice.



If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, or alternatively you may wish to take a look at our FAQs page.


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