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Chiropractic For Babies and Children




Adults often consult a chiropractor after an accident or trauma to help with any pain they are expereincing. Sometimes for babies the birth process can be traumatic, especially if there has been delivery aids such as ventouse and forceps used, or they have been delivered via a Caesarean section.  A difficult delivery can lead to asymmetries, particularly in the head, neck and pelvis. Even after a normal birth, a baby may be left with some discomfort that they are unable to communicate to their parents. These babies may show signs of discontentedness such as fractiousness, continuous crying or sleeping and feeding problems.


Older Children


Through development from baby to toddler to child, there will be lots of bumbs and tumbles as they grow and develop, often causing misalignments of the skeleton, pain and restricted mobility. In addition, playing sports or sitting for long periods playing computer games and using tablets, carrying heavy school bags and sitting on ill fitting school furniture can lead to problems such as headaches, back and neck pain. Periodic Chiropractic check ups will pick up and resolve any issues which in later years, if left unresolved, could have continued to interfere with normal function.