Dr Graeme General Purpose Massager

How much would you benefit from having a massage every single day? The Dr Graeme Massager makes that a very affordable reality.

You can’t beat a daily hands on therapeutic massage or chiropractic treatment, but it’s unlikely many people could spare the time or money to make that a reality, so in-between your scheduled appointments this professional-strength percussive massager is a valuable tool to use at home to support any hands on work you receive.

Professional massage units like these can cost anywhere up to £400, but luckily Dr Graeme, a Chiropractor, produced a professional grade machine at an affordable price to provide to his patients and has made them available for others practitioners to use and provide to their own patients.

Amazingly we are able to source this professional-strength Dr Graeme massager for only £60.00!

I originally couldn’t couldn’t believe that you could get such a good-quality product for this price and almost purchased an inferior product for £350 to use in clinic (luckily a colleague of mine tapped me on the shoulder and told me to put my credit card away and told me about Dr Graeme). This is the same massager as the one we use in clinic on patients.

General Purpose Massager, by Dr Graeme – Professuonal strength percussive massager for home use.

Just £60

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