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Indian Head Massage




History of Indian Head Massage


Massage has always played an important role in Indian life.  For thousands of years, massage has been used to heal and soothe the sick, often being the principle means of healing and relieving pain.  It is common for infants to receive massage a few times a week, to help them to keep in good health, physically and emotionally.  The use of massage is part of the ancient Indian health science known as Ayurveda.  It is still common today to see massage being performed on the beach, at markets and on the street corner.

Indian head massage, or ‘champissage’ as it is known in India, is a tradition developed by women, that has been past down through the family from mother to daughter, using different oils such as coconut, sesame and almond, to keep their hair in beautiful and lustrous condition.  It is also practiced by barbers and masseurs to provide an invigorating scalp massage designed to stimulate and refresh the client, rather than just as a beauty treatment.


As the name suggests, Indian head massage involves the use of massage techniques to relieve tension not only in the head, but also the upper back, shoulders, neck and face.  Tension can all too often build up in upper body, due to various reasons such as bad posture and stress, leaving one feeling tired, agitated and generally run down.


A full treatment of Indian head massage, usually lasting between 35-45 minutes, can help to release this built up tension, leaving one feeling refreshed, relaxed and calm.  It can also help to relieve depression and bring about a more positive outlook on life.


Indian head massage does not have to require the removal of clothing, and is usually done with the client sitting on a chair.  It is ideal for those who sit at desks all day, and can provide instant relief from stress.


















Benefits of Indian Head Massage


Relief from muscular tension in back, shoulders and neck

Relief from headache and migraine

Restores joint mobility and improves blood circulation

Stimulates lymphatic drainage which aids in the removal of toxins in body

Boosts the immune system

Improves concentration

Alleviates stress, promoting a sense of relaxation, calm and peace

Creates a more positive outlook on life

Leaves you feeling refreshed and balanced




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