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Body Massage/ Swedish Massage

What is Swedish Body Massage?


Massage is the manipulation of body tissues for therapeutic purposes. The word massage is thought to be derived from either the Arabic for ‘press softly’ or the Greek ‘to knead’. Swedish body massage involves the kneading, stretching, stroking and wringing of the body's muscles and tissues. In treating the body, the mind is also treated.

Benefits of Swedish Body Massage


The benefits of Swedish Body Massage are extensive! You will improve

not only your physical but also your emotional state of being. Benefits include:



Relaxes you and induces sleep

Increases blood and lymphatic circulation

Improves function and appearance of skin

Helps to break down fatty tissue and cellulite

Relaxes tight muscles and improves the function and tone

Maintains/ increases mobility of bones, as well as increasing circulation and nourishment of bones

Improves posture

Relieves stiff joints

Improves digestion, constipation and flatulence

Encourages deeper and more relaxed breathing

Helps to reduce stress

Provides a sense of well being














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