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Traditional Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medicine is a low cost, effective medical treatment that works with the body’s own natural healing ability. Having stood the test of time, both the National Institute of Health and The World Health Organisation recognise Chinese Medicine as a significant healthcare system.


In Chinese Medicine it is believed that the body emits signs when the Vital Energy or Qi is out of balance. These signs can be experienced physically, emotionally or spiritually. Pain for instance can materialise when the Qi is obstructed or disrupted. A Chinese Medicine Practitioner has learnt the art of careful observation, listening, questioning and palpation. Pulse and tongue diagnosis provide vital information about a patient’s health. Meridians conduct energy between the surface of the body and the Zang Fu (internal organs). Meridians are the pathways that help the Chinese Medicine Practitioner influence the Qi in order to restore equilibrium. The Practitioner can offer different Chinese Medicine techniques to suit a particular complaint. The techniques offered in Chinese Medicine are: Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Cupping, Tui Na and Medical Qigong Therapy.


Which Technique to Choose


Some patients require gentle stimulation through Acupuncture and other patients benefit from a more hands-on approach such as Tui Na or Cupping. If a person is prone to cold, Moxibustion might be more suitable for that complaint. Needs will be discussed on an individual basis and sometimes a combination of techniques will be advised. Treatment is focussed on the entire wellbeing of the person and not solely on the physical symptom.


How Many Treatments Will You Require?


The recommendation is to have a minimum of 6 sessions as it will take some time for the body to find its equilibrium. As a rule, acute complaints will need less treatment than problems that have been experienced for longer periods of time.


Are Their Side-effects With Chinese Medicine?


Chinese Medicine is a gentle healthcare system and, providing the patient is not contra-indicated, it should not have any severe side effects. The Practitioner will take a full consultation on your first appointment, where your medical history will be discussed.


Wise Owl: Did you know in 2009 NICE recommended Acupuncture as a cost- effective short treatment for the management of early, persistent non-specific lower back pain?


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