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History of Reiki


The founder of the reiki system of healing was Dr Mikao Usui he was born in japan on the 18th August 1965 and was the founder of the Usui System of Reiki or Usui Shiki Ryoho.  


Dr Usui studied at a traditional Buddhist monastery. He studied many different healing and energy techniques. He spent years looking for a hands on healing method to heal without depleting his own energy.  


Usui studied many different medicines from China and the west. He then lived as a Buddhist monk near mount Kurama.


While living in the monastery Usui attended a 21 day course. This course involved living in a cave on mount karama and fasting, praying and meditating for 21 days. On the morning of the 21st day Dr Usui has a mystical experience where he saw the ancient symbols which he knew would help him with his healing. After this event he set up a clinic to help heal people using this method.


The success of the clinic meant he was able to travel. Dr Usui trained 16 other reiki masters in his technique. He wanted to guarantee his healing method would live on. Usui died in 1926 on march the 9th but his teachings are still followed today.




What is a reiki treatment?


The word reiki is made up of two words that are Chinese which are Rei meaning god’s wisdom or the higher power and Ki which means energy. If life force energy is high we can feel more happy and healthy. Reiki is ultimately a stress reduction treatment.


Reiki is a safe natural healing energy that is suitable for everyone. The treatment is conducted while you are lying on the couch fully dressed as the reiki energy can pass though anything.


During the treatment clients have often reported feeling warmth and peace around them.


The energy goes where it is needed but often the client can decide if there’s a problem they want to focus on in the treatment.




Who can benefit from this treatment?


Reiki is a hands on healing that is relaxing and can be used for virtually any illness.  People have often found it can be beneficial with the following: migraine, sleep disorders, stress, MS, aches and pains and emotional pain.



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