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Medical Qigong Therapy

In Chinese tradition both patients and physicians are encouraged to take pride in healthy longevity. Of all the Chinese Medicine branches, Medical Qigong is the most ancient and is practised in many hospitals in China. The Chinese term ‘Gong’ symbolises concepts such as hard work, constancy and a promise of gradual attainment. The benefits of Medical Qigong are said to include not only improvement in health and vitality, but also in happiness and spiritual development.


What is Medical Qigong?


Medical Qigong is not the same as Health Qigong which operates in many Health Centres and T’ai Chi classes. Medical Qigong combines breath, visualisation and physical therapy. Medical Qigong Masters place a great deal of emphasis on breathing. Inhalation gathers the universal and environmental Qi into the body, and exhalation eliminates the stagnant Qi. The body requires a normal circulation of Qi as health problems can occur if the Qi becomes stagnated. Medical Qigong therefore, focuses on maintaining good health through proper breathing, correct diet, physical exercises called Dao Yin and meditations to release blocked emotions. Medical Qigong can also be administered whilst the patient lies on a couch through Qi transmission. The Medical Qigong Therapist will determine whether the Zang Fu or Meridians need tonifying (nourishing) or purgating (dispersing) and use his/her own Qi to restore balance.


Can Anyone Have A Medical Qigong Treatment?


The Medical Qigong Therapist will take a thorough consultation of your medical history to establish whether you are contra-indicated or not. Enquiry is the most important aspect of Medical Qigong because the treatment principle and the treatment plan are based on Chinese Medicine.


How Many Treatments will I Need?


A minimum of 6 treatment sessions are advised although it will depend on your specific medical condition. Each treatment lasts approximately 45 minutes.


When To Practise Medical Qigong


Your Medical Qigong Therapist will advise you as to how often you should practise your prescriptive Dao Yin, Healing Sound or Colour Visualisation. It is beneficial to practise according to the Qi of the Seasons to maintain general health.


Wise Owl: Did you know that 70 million Chinese people practise Medical Qigong every day?


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