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Health Kinesiology


What is Health Kinesiology and how can it help me?


Access your body’s own unique wisdom...

Imagine if you could ask your body what you needed to do to enjoy vibrant health and wellbeing. That is the founding principle of Health Kinesiology (HK) – a well-established system that combines the ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine with the modern technique of muscle testing.


Your body is extraordinary...

As you read this, your body is hard at work: breathing, excreting toxins, balancing hormones, assimilating nutrients and performing countless other vital functions to keep you in a state of balanced health. When this BioEnergy balance becomes disturbed, a practitioner using HK can access your body’s unique inner wisdom to find out exactly what will help you to restore and maintain the natural balance, allowing you to regain your wellbeing.


How does HK work?

HK communicates with your body using gentle muscle testing. This involves applying light pressure to a muscle and monitoring how it responds. Your practitioner then uses these responses to apply a range of energy balancing techniques, specifically tailored to your unique goals or concerns.

Energy corrections will gently stimulate acupressure or other BioEnergy reflexes to restore a smooth flow (acupressure points are the same as in acupuncture, but no needles are used!) And HK is so gentle and non-invasive it is suitable for all ages, however young or old.


Your own health and well-being programme...

HK treats you as an individual so no two sessions are ever the same, even for people with similar issues. In a single session your practitioner may address allergies or chemical imbalances, rebalance psychological or emotional stress and offer advice on changes in lifestyle. You will follow your own path back to health and wellbeing.


You don’t have to be ill to benefit from HK...

As well as balancing your BioEnergy for optimal wellbeing, HK can also help you with:

•         fears, phobias and worries

•         self confidence

•         sporting and musical development

•         focus and concentration

•         realising potential

•         relationships

•         calm and positive attitudes


What to expect in a therapy session...

Each session lasts about an hour (40-60 mins for children) and you lie on a therapy couch fully clothed. If lying down is physically uncomfortable, you can sit up for the session.

The practitioner will explain each stage of the work as you progress through finding and calibrating the working muscle, balancing the body’s meridian system and generating the specific factors needed for your treatment. Your body chooses what we do and how we do it and like every living organism it wants to thrive and will do everything it can to achieve that goal. People generally find their HK session a very relaxing and positive experience.


How could HK help me?

HK has successfully helped many people address their physical ailments – both specific and systemic. In fact many people who have not found solutions elsewhere find that HK BioEnergy work is the key to their return to a healthy life.


Health Kinesiology does not profess to diagnose or treat any disease, ailment, disorder, symptom, disfigurement, malfunction, or anything else about the physical body. We evaluate when a system is out of balance and work only with the body’s BioEnergy System to help the body regain its natural balance. Thanks to the spirit-mind-body connection many people report that they improve physically as well as BioEnergetically, but that is thanks to their body’s own healing process.


HK helps you become the person you were designed to be.















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