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A person may only call himself a Chiropractor if he is registered with the General Chiropractic Council (GCC).

Q.  How does chiropractic work?

Q.  Could I benefit from Chiropractic treatment?

Q.  What qualifications should I look for in a chiropractor?

Q.  What is the GCC?

Q.  Who may call themselves a 'Chiropractor'?

Chiropractic uses a series of gentle physical adjustments, by hand, of the spine and joints of the body to relieve immobility, tension and misalignment of the musculoskeletal system.


Such adjustments should not hurt (unless an area is inflamed, in which case they will be modified accordingly by your Chiropractor).  

Chiropractic is extremely effective in treating ailments such as back pain, neck pain, arm and leg pain, shoulder complaints and sports injuries.  Following treatment, you will experience rapid relief from pain and discomfort which may arise from accidents, poor posture, lack of exercise, stress, illness and the everyday wear and tear that we all undergo.

The GCC is a body established by parliament to regulate and develop the Chiropractic profession.  It is required to check the Chiropractic qualification, character and mental fitness of those who apply for registration.  It also sets and monitors standards of practice and training standards, and deals with complaints about the conduct and practice of Chiropractors.

There is a wide range of Chiropractic qualifications as Chiropractic is a global profession.  In the UK you should ensure that your Chiropractor is registered with the GCC.  You can do this by checking the GCC's online register.

You should feel energised after the treatment.  You may find that in the following day or two that you experience increased stiffness or discomfort in the affected area, however, this will be temporary and when it passes you will feel a general improvement in the affected area.  Your Chiropractor will explain all of the potential side effects to you during your consultation.

Q.  How will I feel after treatment?

The number of sessions you will need will depend upon a range of factors, for example the severity of the condition, how long you have had the problem, your age, your level of health and fitness.  Every person responds differently to treatment so it is virtually impossible to accurately predict exactly how many treatments will be needed.  However, after your initial examination your Chiropractor should be able to give you a good estimate.

Q.  How many treatments will I need?

Yes.  Chiropractic care can be of great benefit to pregnant women.  When you are pregnant your body undergoes some rapid changes, which impact upon your centre of gravity, your balance and your gait.  These changes put added stress on your joints and your spine.  Chiropractic care can aid in releaving tension and imbalances in these joints.

Q.  Can I have chiropractic treatment whilst I am pregnant?

If you have any specific questions which are not answered here or you wish to discuss your Chiropractic treatment with us directly then please do contact us and we would be happy to help.


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